Our Mission & Vision


To develop highly-skilled practically and production-oriented low and middle-level technical manpower, who will efficiently maintain the Steel and Allied Industries, including the Oil and Gas sector of the economy.


To create a pool of indigenous technical workforce that can erect, operate, commission and maintain the steel and allied industries, all on their own and drastically cut down on Nigeria’s dependence on foreign training.


  • Training of low and middle level technical manpower in maintenance and repair works for the metallurgical, oil and gas sectors of the Nigeria economy.
  • Creating a pool of indigenous technical workforce that can erect, commission, operate and maintain metallurgical industries, thereby reducing Nigeria’s dependence on foreign technical workforce.
  • Further training of skilled personnel already employed in metallurgical and allied industries.
  • Advisory services for firms in the implementation of their training programmes, especially as regards in-plant training.
  • Empowering Nigeria youths with appropriate skills and technology to enhance self-reliance and job creation.